Dentist at Underwood, located along Logan Road, is not only dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to adults but also places a special emphasis on the oral health of children.

Dr Raji Alagirisamy and Dr Raj Kengaiha, the passionate couple behind the clinic, firmly believe that instilling good dental hygiene habits and laying a strong foundation during childhood results in healthier smiles and a brighter future.

Understanding the anxiety and fear often associated with dental visits, Dentist at Underwood strives to create a warm and welcoming environment for young patients.

“We want to instill a positive attitude in the future generation.¬†Children are going to be the future heads of families, and we want them to experience and pass on a healthy attitude towards dental care,” Dr Raji said.

To support this mission, Dentist at Underwood actively participates in the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) offered by Medicare.

This scheme provides eligible children aged 2-17 with $1052 for preventive dental work over a two-year period.

The clinic also offers bulk billing for eligible children, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to accessing essential dental care.

Parents who are unsure about their child’s eligibility can simply contact Dentist at Underwood with their Medicare number, and the team will be happy to verify their eligibility.

In addition to providing financial support through the CDBS, Dentist at Underwood takes proactive measures to educate children about the importance of maintaining good dental health.

The clinic has implemented daycare visits as part of their community outreach efforts.

During these visits, staff from the clinic, and their friendly tooth mascot, Leo, engage children in interactive sessions where they teach proper brushing and flossing techniques and educate them about making tooth-friendly food choices.

By making dental education fun and accessible, Dentist at Underwood aims to empower children to take control of their oral health from an early age.

The long-term benefits of these initiatives cannot be overstated.

By encouraging children to develop good oral hygiene habits, Dentist at Underwood aims to break the cycle of dental anxiety and nervousness that often persists into adulthood.

Many individuals today avoid necessary dental care due to fear, leading to more advanced, costly, and painful treatments down the line.

By addressing these concerns at a young age, Dentist at Underwood strives to create a generation of individuals who prioritise their dental health without hesitation.

Dentist at Underwood firmly believes that every child deserves a healthy smile and a positive dental experience.

Their dedication to caring for children goes beyond the clinic’s walls and extends into the community.

Through their participation in the CDBS, daycare visits, and comprehensive dental education, Dr Raji and Dr Raj are committed to making a lasting impact on the oral health and overall well-being of the youngest members of their community.

With a team that truly cares, a commitment to education, and a passion for creating positive experiences, the team at Dentist at Underwood is here to ensure your child’s smile shines bright for years to come.

Schedule an appointment to embark on a journey towards a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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