A teenage athlete from Regents Park is has become the nation’s 2nd fastest 200m runner in her age group.

14-year-old Matilda Langley represented Queensland at this year’s national little athletics competition in Adelaide.

It’s not the first time she’s competed at a national level, and according to Miss Langley herself, it won’t be the last.

“I’m hoping to make the Olympics,” she said.

Miss Langley said she knew her goals required a lot of work but was definitely up for it.

“I usually train three days a week, and it’s pretty intensive training,” she said.

“About a month before a competition we train really hard, and then about the week before we slow it down.”

For many teenagers, early morning training sessions before school and facing-off against Australia’s fastest runners isn’t on their to-do list.

But for Ms Langley, that’s what she loves.

“I really like the competition and all the friends,” she said.

“It’s just a really fun experience.

Her mother, Symone, said she was immensely proud of her daughter, but not just because of her athletic feats.

“She is just so humble about everything she does,” Ms Langley said.

“She’s the first person that will go up and congratulate everybody else for their achievements, and the first person to go and hug her friends when they finish their race and tell them how well they did.

“I’m so proud of her for that.”

Miss Langley recently performed at the Australian athletics titles, where she placed 12th.

Her mum said it was a “massive learning curve” and “very nerve-wracking” for them both.

I get nervous any time she does anything,” Ms Langley said.

“I think it’s more nerve-wracking for us than it is for them at times.

“They just take it in their stride.”

Matilda placed 2nd in Australia for the 400m, 5th in Australia for the 200m and 800m, and was captain of the Queensland team.

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