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Council path causes anxiety

I am writing to you on behalf of my 91-year-old mother. She has been a resident of Palm Lakes Waterford for six years having sold her acreage property for s...





Business finalists announced

Finalists have been announced for the 2022 Logan Business Distinction Awards. Some of last year's winners have returned to see whether they can retain their title, such as the Whitehouse of Waterford restura...

Tax dodgers on the radar

Demanding cash from customers, paying workers ‘cash in hand’, or not declaring all sales are the most common examples of the 43,000 tip-offs received by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) in the 2021-22 finan...

Pool closure debated behind closed doors

LOGAN City Council will shut down the Eagleby Aquatic Centre, but it refuses to say exactly why. MyCity Logan understands there are safety issues involved, including power lines suspended above the pool area...