Two separate shootings in Logan on 16 May left one man with a bullet wound to the neck and a family of five shaken.

Detective Senior Sergeant Nicola Brown said a 23-year-old Hillcrest man was shot in the neck during an alleged armed robbery at a Park Ridge home.

She said a group of males armed with a gun forced entry into the Granger Road property at around 7.30pm “demanding property from a male occupant”.

“They produced a firearm and threatened the occupants,” Ms Brown said.

“They made demands for some money, they made demands for some property and they’ve had physical altercations with those occupants at that address.”

She said the Hillcrest man was shot as a result of the fighting.

The group then fled the scene in a car and drove away in an “unknown direction”.

Ms Brown said there were no suspects at the moment, and police were hoping to “learn more” once the injured man was out of hospital.

“Once we get to speak to those victims in more detail we should have some more information to provide, however we don’t know what the motive is,” she said.

The man’s injuries were non-life threatening.

Just half-an-hour earlier, a family of five – including three teenagers – was shot at during a road rage incident at Logan Reserve.

The family was travelling along Loganview Road at around 7pm, police say.

“This particular incident… was a result of erratic driving behaviour,” Ms Brown said.

“Unfortunately, that behaviour has escalated into an incident where an unknown male driving a Mitsubishi Lancer has fired a shot into the window of the victim’s vehicle.

“That vehicle was ocuppied by five persons at that time and we are extremely grateful that none of them were injured.”

Ms Brown said the gunman was making hand gestures at the victim and “swerving along the road”.

“Both parties were unknown to each other,” she said.

“Fortunately for these victims, none of them were hurt on this occasion, however they were very shaken up.”

The next day a 35-year-old Woodridge man was arrested over the incident after a search warrant at a Browns Plains house.

Police said they seized a sedan at the address believe to be related to the shooting.

The man, who is the owner of the vehicle, was charged with serious drugs and other offences related to the possession of ammunition.

“The vehicle will be the subject of forensic examination in the days to come and no charges have yet been preferred relating directly to the shooting,” police said.

Ms Brown said gun crime was a “real issue” and one “not tolerated” by police.

“We want to keep the public safe,” Ms Brown said.

“We would implore anybody: if you become involved in any sort of altercation to stop, take a breath, take a step back and call police 000.”

Police are appealing for anyone with CCTV of either incident to come forward.


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