The Logan Dementia Choir is on the lookout for volunteers after celebrating its first anniversary in April with a party and performances.

While the choir is striking a chord in the community, but the volunteers who run it need a helping hand.

“The choir is just amazing because of the joy it brings people,” volunteer Sharon Hamilton said.

“Putting this all together has been really, really difficult and financially challenging, but the joy that we see on people’s faces week in, week out – both the person with dementia and their support person that’s a family member who keeps coming back – is just a joy.

“I’ve even taken my dad a couple of times now.”

Ms Hamilton said the choir, organised by the Logan Dementia Alliance, had a “variety of volunteers”.

“There were a number of us that were officially trained before it kicked off, and then a few others who are just attending choir with family members, who assist where they can,” she said.

She said the need for more volunteers wasn’t unique to the choir; it was felt by community groups by all over the country.

“Everybody’s struggling for enough volunteers,” Ms Hamilton said.

“If we could have younger, male volunteers to help with tables and chairs, that would be brilliant.”

The choir has grown rapidly since it began last year.

Throughout the past 12 months, the group has performed at gigs across the city.

“Not everybody that sings in the choir likes to perform at events,” Ms Hamilton said.

“It was just lovely that people came out to watch us perform [at our anniversary], and so we could see the reaction from an audience, because weekly we don’t have that.

“It’s a big achievement for everybody who is part of the choir.”

The group meets at the Bethania Community Centre every Wednesday, from 11.30am to 1.30pm, during the school term.

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