The City of Logan’s only croquet club has celebrated the opening of two new courts.

“It’s going to mean a lot to our club,” the Twin Rivers Community Mallet Sports Club president Maia McGhee said.

“We had two courts previously, and we’ve only been on these grounds for three years.

“Prior to that we had just been going from different sporting grounds, playing on surfaces that were not fit for purpose.”

Ms McGhee said the courts would bring a whole new level of competition to the club.

“Now we can hold gala days and tournaments, and play different disciplines,” she said.

“There are different disciplines of croquet games you can play – at the moment we only play golf croquet and association.”

The club is turning 14 this August and Ms McGee said they hoped to gain new memberships.

“We’ve always been quite a flourishing club,” Ms said.

“But people come and go for various reasons.

“We did lose some people because they wanted to play more competitive croquet and wanted to play on proper croquet courts, so they went to clubs that had courts that were specifically for croquet.

“But we’ve got really keen, core, very loyal members that have stuck with us through all the trials and tribulations – so it’s nice that they’re now reaping the benefits of these four courts.”

Now the Twin Rivers Community Mallet Sports Club, also known as Twin Rivers Croquet Club, is located permanently at Bedford Park in Eagleby.

With grant funding, the club was able to build its first two croquet courts in January 2021.

The club’s next goal is a purpose-built clubhouse.

The two latest courts were celebrated by club members and others in the community, including local politicians.

Guests enjoyed a morning tea, a drop of champagne and then played a game.

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