MOVING Forward Podiatry & Orthotics was established in 2017 by principal podiatrist Matthew Christie and has recently opened it’s doors with a state-of-the-art clinic in Beenleigh.
Following a long successful career providing lower limb health services to some of the UK and Australia’s most disadvantaged populations, Mr Christie has gone about putting together a blueprint for the provision of exceptional lower limb health care.
A career spanning nearly 15 years has taken Mr Christie around the globe, from the National Health Service (NHS) England, to the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne with North Yarra Community Health and the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) to the far west edges of Qld with the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) Charleville.
From the Director
Moving Forward Podiatry & Orthotics started life as a small practice operating from a GP medical centre in Cannon Hill.
From here we grew quickly to operating out of eight medical centres across Brisbane South.
We were then fortunate enough to be introduced to some lower limb health care experts who were using state-of-the-art assessment technology and treatment options for the management of pathologies that can be difficult to treat such as chronic heel pain, Achilles tendon injuries and complications from diabetes that require advance custom orthotic treatment.
In June this year we decided to bring this technology to Beenleigh.
Clinics offering in-shoe pressure assessments, 3D gait/running assessments and Shockwave Therapy exist in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs, but you will be hard pressed to find clinics close to Beenleigh with all these solutions.
“Why should people have to travel for excellent health care?” was the question I asked myself prior to opening our Beenleigh site.
It reminded me of my days with the Royal Flying Doctors; people deserve better, so let’s bring better to them.
Diabetes is a condition that Beenleigh knows all about, with the prevalence of diabetes in Beenleigh estimated to be around 7% of its population according to a primary health network (PHN) report from 2018.
The three-year risk of foot ulceration from diabetes is about 5.1% even if individuals have no other complications detected at their diabetic foot assessments, such as foot deformity or lack of feeling (otherwise known as peripheral neuropathy).
This risk of ulceration from diabetes can be as high as 18.8% when these risk factors are detected during diabetic foot assessments, so it is imperative that these issues are detected early and the condition is well managed.
Knowing this information and educating people with diabetes on this information, the importance of podiatry screening for risk factors of diabetic foot disease becomes very clear in a town such as Beenleigh.
Not only do we screen for risk factors of diabetic foot disease, but we educate clients on their risk score according to the international working group on the diabetic foot (IWGDF) and the steps they can take to reduce their risk of diabetic foot ulceration and amputation.
If you have diabetes and you see a podiatrist, make sure you ask them about your diabetic foot risk score.
If you don’t know your diabetic foot risk score, book in for a diabetic foot assessment with your local podiatrist.
It isn’t just diabetic foot complications that podiatrists are experts in, but any issues related to poor movement or pain affecting your feet, ankles and knees hips can be better managed following a full body 3D movement assessment.
Moving Forward Podiatry & Orthotics helps children, teenagers, adults and older aged persons with a range of lower limb health and pain management strategies to keep them moving and feeling better.
Since working as a podiatrist I have been fortunate enough to manage foot, ankle, knee and hip conditions associated with sporting injuries, OA, diabetes, polio and amputations, however it has been over the last five years that I have stumbled across my new passion of working with children and adults with disabilities.
Being a NDIS registered provider is so rewarding and you truly meet some amazing people who have overcome barriers that at first glance appear insurmountable.
It’s only through having established networks with other health care providers you see the best results.
That’s why I continually try to link in with the best physios, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, dieticians and personal trainers. When you have health care allies you get the best results.
Moving Forward Podiatry & Orthotics Beenleigh welcomes clients on EPC referrals, DVA referrals and NDIS plans as well as private clients.
You do not need a referral to access our service, but individuals accessing a care plan or supports via a NDIS plan should consult with their GP or supports coordinator prior to making an appointment.
Our motto: Healthier Feet, Healthier You – Better Systems, Better Care, Because You Matter!

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