AS I write this review, I know I’m not telling locals of Daisy Hill anything new.

Christopher’s Fine Foods has been around since 1988, and although the cafe – as it is now – has moved with the times, it’s remained a local favourite.

As a restaurant, it’s no longer open for dinner, but is often overflowing with people looking for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

The experience from both the kitchen and floor is evident. Even though they’ve been doing it for decades, they still pop around for a chat with customers, and are still looking for the freshest of ingredients for their menu.

Sure, they’ve got the formula working well. But order something seemingly ordinary to see the difference.

A green salad oozes with flavour alongside some seasoned chips and a well-cooked piece of crumbed barramundi.

Take the salad up a level with the Asian version, topped with seared tender beef, it’s a deep bowl and perfect for a light and healthy lunch.

For a more cost-effective bite, there are a list of gourmet sandwiches packed either onto a sourdough or Turkish bread.

However, a look around on the day we were there saw that the Angus burger was a popular option among people who seemed to be regulars.

Those missing the dinner menu might like to jump into steak medallions with garlic buttered kipfler potatoes, mushrooms, baby spinach, prosciutto and a chimichurri sauce.

If you’re going to indulge in a piece of beef, there’s nothing better than a South American influence – they are the masters of grilled meat, whatever the cut and whatever the type, and chimichurri is their not-so-secret punch.

A quality dining venue will always offer something just a little bit out of the ordinary, and here it’s a selection of tapas, including stuffed mushrooms with basil, ham, onion and capsicum stuffing.

Ordering at the counter, it’s almost impossible not to see the cabinet with a variety of cakes and an interesting addition to the menu is an offering of take home meals.

The all-day menu is well-priced, with “The Full Monty” – eggs, bacon, kransky, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns and toasted sourdough – the top of the range.

Aside from the restaurant-quality food, there’s also a licensed bar which the owners have stocked with hand-selected wines predominantly from Australian vineyards.

What time is it? Who cares if you’re not driving. There are eight popular cocktails on the list. Shaken, not stirred, if you don’t mind.

Or indulge in the decadence of an iced mocha or milkshake made in the old fashioned tin cup – a winner for anyone old enough to remember.

There’s a long list of coffee and tea for those still looking for a cafe stop.

It’s on the corner of Allamanda Drive and Daisy Hill Road.


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