Companies who employ drivers are focusing much of their energy on safety.

And in a modern world of car hijacking, theft and other offences, Protect Industries business development manager Nathan Cremona says it’s worth extending the same diligence to the protection of families.

Mr Cremona said the knowledge of knowing where your vehicles and those driving them are in the event of an accident, breakdown or potentially missing person can be crucial.

Protect Industries sells Trakpro, a system which tracks the locality of vehicles.

Its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) has a camera which monitors driving habits such as tail gating, lane departure, time to collision.

It also monitors tiredness, distracted driving, phone use, and other driver-specific habits.

“Utilising Trakpro’s GPS technology, vehicles can be accurately located and assistance offered immediately if required,” Mr Cremona said.

Companies with their own fleet of cars are the most prolific users of Trakpro, but Mr Cremona said any car owners, parents, siblings, office staff or HR managers would find the affordable technology useful.

“People need to be as vigilant as they can when it comes to their safety and their assets such as their vehicle,” he said.

“Utilise technology available to you to maximise your own safety, such as GPS tracking, dash cameras, immobilisers, and alarms. It all goes a long way towards assisting when unsafe incidents occur.”

Trakpro communicates with a central server to provide real time information, including location, speed, history and driving behaviour.

“It’s all gathered from our platform and presented to the end user in an easy to understand interface, providing our clients with invaluable information,” Mr Cremona said.

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