Logan City tenpin bowler Emily Bottomley will pull on the green and gold in Sweden next month for a World Championship tilt.

“I have already been to Malaysia and Hong Kong to compete, but this will be my first time at Worlds in Sweden. I will compete in single, double, team and mixed team youth events,” she said.

“I think what makes me different from others is my resilience, which is very important in bowling. I struggle and I fail, but I always pick myself up and push through.”

For the competition, Ms Bottomley has been training hard.

“My training involves on-lane training and two leagues a week. I do endurance training with on-lane play and strategy, then physical games and I also go to the gym 2-3 times a week,” she said.

“I have around 10 bowling balls, I usually use about 6 in events but will take 4 over to Sweden. They are all used for different purposes, like heavy oils on the lanes etc. You never know what type of ball you will need, but I can’t take them all with me.”

Ms Bottomley said she has a pre-game routine she likes to follow every time she bowls and that won’t stop in Sweden.

“I use the puff bag twice (to keep hands dry), wipe my ball over and then wipe my hands on my skirt. My dad who is also a bowler, likes to wipe his feet before he bowls,” she said.

Logan City Tenpin manager said she was a proud bowling mum.

“I’ve seen Emily come in here to practice, get frustrated and work hard every week,” she said.

“She missed out for two and half years during Covid and now she is ready to smash it out.”

Last year, Logan City Tenpin was given the Best Association in Queensland Award for their junior program and had two of their competitors take out 2021 Best Junior Bowler and Best Youth Bowler titles.

“Our Logan kids are very talented, and they work hard,” Ms Buckingham said.

This will be Ms Bottomley’s last year in the youth squad, before moving to the adult division.

“In the future I will still compete, but I would like to focus on the Juniors program,” she said.

“I have a family background in bowling, my parents are bowlers so it’s in my genes and that is often the case for elite bowlers like me. I want to help those juniors that aren’t from a bowling background and show them that they have the support and the opportunity to progress.”

Logan City Tenpin will be holding a Swedish themed bowling night on June 12 to help Emily raise the funds for her trip – for more info and bookings call 3209 2255.

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