Logan’s “moment” is now, according to the newly sworn-in mayor Jon Raven.

He and the city’s 12 divisional councillors, both new and old, were officially sworn into their positions at a ceremony in front of friends and family on 5 April.

“This is it – Logan is ready to launch,” Cr Raven said at the ceremony.

“This is our moment, it’s not once in a lifetime, nor once in a generation.”

Cr Raven echoed his election commitments, promising to focus on the city’s reputation by securing investment, jobs and opportunity for residents.

“We are the youngest, most diverse and fastest growing city in the state,” he said.

“Thirty per cent of our population is aged under 18, but they are 100 per cent of our future and they deserve local opportunities for work, study and fun.”

Two new Councillors – Nathan St Ledger (Division 4) and Paul Jackson (Division 5) – join 10 councillors from the previous term who were either successful at the recent election or returned unopposed.

Cr Jackson said the next few weeks would be “full of onboarding and induction” to learn council’s systems and processes.

“I hope to be able to apply what I’m learning to real community issues as we go,” the first-time councillor said.

“The community has given me a long list of things to work on over the last few months.”

Cr Jackson said his first priority was to build “strong and productive” relationships with council staff, community groups, local businesses, schools and residents.

“My ability to get stuff done over the next four years will be determined by how well I can connect the people with the resources and solutions to the problems we want fixed,” he said.

The elected members for the 2024-28 term are:
• Mayor Jon Raven
• Councillor Lisa Bradley (Division 1)
• Councillor Teresa Lane (Division 2)
• Councillor Mindy Russell (Division 3)
• Councillor Nathan St Ledger (Division 4)
• Councillor Paul Jackson (Division 5)
• Councillor Tony Hall (Division 6)
• Councillor Tim Frazer (Division 7)
• Councillor Jacob Heremaia (Division 8)
• Councillor Scott Bannan (Division 9)
• Councillor Miriam Stemp (Division 10)
• Councillor Natalie Willcocks (Division 11)
• Councillor Karen Murphy (Division 12)

“The council chosen by our community is the right combination of experience, enthusiasm and fresh ideas and we want Logan to live up to its potential,” Cr Raven said.

“I believe that by working together we can achieve great things for our city and our community.”

The next council meeting will be held on Wednesday 10 April at 10am, where the city’s deputy mayor and committee chairs will be appointed.

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