The Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail project not only survived the federal audit that halted projects nationwide but also received a funding boost, with the project now totalling over $4 billion.

But funding for local road upgrades and car park projects have been cut and M1 upgrades in Logan delayed as funding is diverted to cover cost blowouts.

This includes the $2.6 billion Faster Rail, which is receiving an extra $1.75 billion from the Australian government.

The federal government had already pledged $1.3 billion to the project, which was matched by the state government.

It’s not the only local project costing more.

An upgrade of the intersection at Beenleigh Connection Road and City Road will receive an extra $3 million; the Chambers Flat Road upgrade at Park Ridge will get an extra $1.6 million; and the Loganlea Road upgrade will get an extra $1.7 million.

According to the report, the audit found several local projects “lacked merit and any national strategic rationale”.

“… and do not meet the Australian Government’s national investment priorities,” the report read.

“In many cases these projects are also at high risk of further cost pressures and/or delays.”

The commuter car parks at Loganlea and Beenleigh stations were shelved, saving the federal government $30 million, as was the upgrade at High Road and Easterly Street in Waterford, saving the government $2.5 million.

When MyCityLogan approached Transport and Main Roads they declined to provide a cost breakdown of the project.

“We will provide further details once we have completed our review and assessment of the Australian government’s initial recommendations,” a TMR spokesperson told MyCityLogan.

Nine projects in Queensland worth $363 million in total were axed, with another 41 cut across the country.


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