Logan has a well of talent and the Logan Writers Festival on September 10 and 11 hopes to unearth a new bunch of favourite authors.

Over the two days, there will be an opportunity to meet authors at their own stalls, listen to talks and to grab a bite to eat.

The festival will be at the Logan Artists Association, 27 Coral St, and each day has a full schedule of talks from 22 authors, some who have written best selling books.

“Listen to the story behind the stories or step up your writing career with presentations about the craft and business of writing,” organisers said.

“Twenty two enchanting authors are going to take you on a journey you never knew was within the pages of Logan.

“Recital circles for those wishing to test out their first chapters, poems or plays, will be open through the days, as well as competitions from the various industry stalls.

“You’ll finally have a place to learn about what the Logan writing community is up to and what writing groups are doing near you! Book clubs will be announced and much more will be awaiting you in this adventurous new chapter for the readers and writers in Logan.”

Go to loganwritersfestival.com.au.

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