Belinda Topan is looking out for new blood.

Logan-based author of gothic fiction novels Living with Vampires, Sunset, and Sunrise, Ms Topan has an obsession with vampires, which she formed prior to the huge success of Twilight over a decade ago. 

What makes her novels breathe new life into the genre however, is her comedic tone and use of the ‘found family trope’. 

“It’s my favourite trope and it makes me tear up a little bit because it’s so beautiful,” she said.

“They’re vampires, therefore, they love killing people but they’re very protective of their own. 

“They’re very family orientated, so the whole thing is you choose your family, and they become your family.

“I also like to add comedy to it, so there will be funny moments sprinkled throughout my writing.

“So that’s the main thing with all my books, even in One of a Kind, she practically finds family within the vampires later on in the series.”

Ms Topan is set to speak at this year’s Logan Writers Festival and the self-proclaimed “vampire reaper,” will be giving readers and writers across Logan the chance to come together and share their love of the creative world. 

The 26-year-old author says while last year’s festival was a huge success, her presentation this year will be ‘revamped’.

“Last year was like the first chapter, this year it’s about resilience and growth, but it’s also me delving into what I’ve learned in the last year; I’m surrounding myself with people who share the same goals and ambition as I do,” she said. 

“And I have realised I can’t do this on my own anymore; I actually need help all around me to help lift me up, and to lift them up. So that’s something I’m going to be sharing this year.” 

Ms Topan says she wants to extend this sentiment to this year’s festival by finding her “family of writers”.  

“I’m just excited to see everyone come together on these two days to discover a whole new side of Logon that is kind of just squirrelled away, because writers tend to hide when they’re writing,” she said.

“I want to bring them out and say look, we are here.

“We’re proud, and we are talented, and we love writing. 

“I hope this inspires younger readers, and future writers as well to say if they can do it, so can I.”

For aspiring writers, Ms Topan has some further words of advice.

“Just keep going; I know it’s gonna be tough, and it still is tough but if you know, if you truly believe in something, and you absolutely love it, then don’t let anyone get in your way.” 

“But also don’t be too harsh on yourself, if you need to take a break for a few years to get things sorted, that’s okay too. You know it’s always going to be waiting there for you.”

The Logan Writers Festival is an annual two day festival celebrating the literary arts and writers in Logan and will be held at the Logan Arts Association in Loganlea on September 9-10.

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