From the businesses in Logan, thanks for your support.

We have all had a tough year but your efforts to shop locally and support your Logan-based businesses has been greatly appreciated. Your local coffee not only tastes great but helps keep money flowing in our economy. Dining out at any of our fabulous Logan restaurants and take-aways helps keep food on the tables for those family run enterprises. Thank you from the florists, hair dressers, accountants, real estate agents and all the other small businesses that you have supported in 2021.

From the businesses in Logan, thanks for your patience.

The restrictions, mandates and new rules have been a hard road for many of us to navigate. We don’t all agree with the way things have been enforced, but we have gone through this together. You have put up with our confusion and, for the most part, complied with our strange local laws. We have remained largely untouched by the pandemic but with borders opening, we ask for a little more patience while we adjust to the new mandate and mask rules.

From the businesses in Logan, thanks for your loyalty.

From changed trading hours, masks, no-masks, masks again, you have continued to come out and support us with your purchases. We have seen a trend towards more local trade and this is what will drive our economy in the future. While it might seem nice to have large companies moving into Logan, bringing jobs and prestige, the revenue flows out of our city. Supporting home-grown businesses keeps more revenue in our local economy and as one of the fastest growing cities in Australia, the more we can grow the local economy, the stronger we will become as a community.

Merry Christmas from the Logan Chamber of Commerce and the local businesses that you’ve helped keep running through trying times.

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