On a cold winter’s day in Germany, peek into many a pub or restaurant and you’ll see pork knuckles spinning on a rotisserie.

They’re serving a dual purpose, roasting to a crisp for hungry diners and keeping the place warm.

The cooking method releases unnecessary fat and gets the knuckle ready to be cracked open with a solid knife. Done right, and the meat will fall from the bone.

But that’s Germany. Or maybe not.

Having abandoned its buffet during Covid-19, Greenbank Services has opened Eats on Anzac, a large open-spaced restaurant with a tidy and trendy bar, space to burn, and a menu which features some crafty dishes from both East and West.

On the western menu, there are two items which jump out as a point of difference, and both of them a celebration of German cuisine.

The first is a share tier for two of braised pork belly, chicken schnitzel, German sausages, pulled pork and beef brisket with mash, coleslaw and gravy.

Problem is, it’s so popular it runs out quickly. At $50 (member price), it’s probably enough to feed more than two.

The other is the roasted pork knuckle. Slow cooked, the meat definitely falls from the bone, and there are the right pockets of crisp on the outside.

With gravy, mash and sauerkraut, it’s got Oktoberfest written all over it.

There’s also an ale braised pork belly and a porchetta waving the flag for the Italians.

There are burgers for $16.90, with plenty of trimmings.

Turn the page to see the Asian menu, and things remain equally interesting. Mongolian beef, Korean bulgogi, Japanese curry, Thai noodles and Malaysian-style Singapore noodles.

It’s as eclectic as it is interesting, and comes with a great price tag. There’s only one dish on this page which stretches above $20. And where else can you get a plate of fried rice for $6.50?

Dessert is a bit of a hangover from the buffet days with various soft serve creations, a couple of cheesecakes and sticky date pudding.

That said, it’s probably one of the few non-Asian restaurants around town that’s been creative enough to include bubble tea as one of its drink options.

Throw in some pearls and you’re set for the night.

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