If you’re going to a pub for dinner, there’s one very simple expectation – reliability.

It’s not a fine dining experience, so you’re not looking for food that will set the world on fire, nor are you looking for the world’s most unique atmosphere, setting or view.

All you want is for your meal to come reliably cooked, reliably presented, and from staff who can be relied upon to grab you a drink and send the meal in a timely fashion.

It’s surprising how often that doesn’t happen, but it’s nice to say that it does at Chatswood Hills Tavern.

One of the great things about a pub steak is that it will usually come from a flame grill.

Sure, they’re flavours you can replicate on the barbecue at home, but the reason the pub is packed out on a Thursday night is that people are looking to dodge the effort – and the washing up.

One of the tasty touches of a Chatswood Hills Tavern steak is that it comes with a Caesar salad, a step up from the usual garden salad which can be a lucky dip after being tossed around in the bowl.

Ever had a garden salad with an abundance of onion? It’s because it’s come from the bottom of the bowl. Or an over-kill of lettuce? That’s the opposite extreme.

The Caesar adds a little more flavour and a little more class to the plate.

Chips are well-cooked, and sauce is thick with plenty of peppercorns, or whatever other flavour you choose. Again, it’s the reliability factor.

A 200g eye fillet comes at a price tag of $33 which is average pub range.

The menu isn’t restricted to steaks, although a look around the booked out tables and it does seem the majority of people are opting for something from the grill.

There’s ribs, wings, fish, prawns, pork, lamb, chicken and vegetarian options.

And it wouldn’t be a pub without a selection of burgers or parmy options. Another pub staple which seems to have fallen off the menu at many taverns is the pub pie – one that can only be eaten with a knife and fork.

Albeit on a busy night, staff still have the time here to ask how things are going.

There’s the option to order via an app, which during current times reduces the amount of interaction with staff.

The outlook is pleasant, albeit a fair bit of it looking out to a carpark.

Most importantly, the food and service is reliable.

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