One of the most important things we teach our kids is that when you start a job, it’s important to finish it.

That’s why I’m constantly updating our community on the delivery of key projects.

Whether it’s new school buildings and ovals, better sporting facilities, brand new emergency service facilities, more hospitals or new roads, to ensure they are delivered, I’m committed to
monitoring them closely.

That’s why I’m pleased to let you know we will now start construction of the new Busway station at Rochedale South with all these features:

1. Bicycle storage and solar panels
2. Lift accessible platforms
3. 500 parks
4. Kiss ‘n’ ride
5. Security lighting and CCTV
6. Shared use pathways
7. Bike lane
8. Connection to the extended Gardner Road

And whilst this project is being built, work is progressing south of Springwood on the motorway
expansion and design of the Busway to Loganholme.

That means a combination of more lanes and less cars on the road, getting you home sooner and safer.

I’m proud to have worked together with our community to deliver a time-saving road network, including improved public transport.

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