THERE’S an obvious point of difference in the menu at Windaroo Tavern – the prices.

Instead of ending in “.95” or “.99” or event “.00”, they’re all over the place. The price of a garlic bread, for example, is $7.32. Half a kilo of chicken wings are $15.91.

Why? It’s best we let them tell the story.

“Our hotel prices its produce according to movements in the produce and beef markets,” their website says.

“So it makes sense for us to base our prices on these and similar markets to deliver the best value and fairest prices to you. We have a straight-forward formula that converts wholesale prices into restaurant prices and publish these straight to our menu.”

Okay. Given there’s no stock exchange-style board, and that lettuce prices are rising by the day, I’ll allow you to be the judge.

And there’s no beef in garlic bread. Just saying.

Gimmick or not, there are some interesting items on the menu. Lemon myrtle calamari comes tenderly cooked, and with a sprinkle of popcorn.

It sounds like someone got their party food mixed up and thought: “Hmm, this is actually quite tasty.” Whoever that was, I agree. It works.

There’s a massive boast on the menu that their panko and parmesan-coated schnitzels are the best in the business with a Napoli sauce made with fresh ingredients.

If size matters, these are some of the biggest schnitzels I think I’ve seen. And the flavour is true to their word.

The coating gives a nice crunch, and good luck if you can get your way through the entire dish. There’s some good names, too – the “brie bro”, “dirty birdy” and “hangover”.

Another is the “Memphis” made from southern fried chicken breast, Memphis rub, house slaw, dill pickle, potato gems, Alabama ranch and liquid cheese. You can almost hear the American national anthem in the back of your head.

There are burgers, lamb shanks, pork belly, bangers and mash, and ribs.

The grill offers up steaks which are okay, as is the service. The bar is stocked, and dessert is all about waffles. The baklava waffle is worth a try if you have room following the schnitty.

This place, at 159-163 Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road, has a distinct family vibe reflecting the young area it serves.

Tables for two are oddly tucked beside the kids’ room and entrance ways, including the toilets, but there is an outdoor area which would be nice in summer.

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