An inflatable obstacle course, laser skirmish, dodgeball, an art hub and a food station – all in a day’s fun at Mabel Park State High School this week.

The school, unable to host swimming and sports carnivals this year, thought it was a good idea to ask students how they wanted to get their fun on.

It was supposed to be the first year that students were broken into house groups and colours, but none of that happened until Thursday’s fun day where principal Michael Hornby said students could let their hair down a little.

“We want to create a new world of schooling into the 21st century,” Mr Hornby said.

“It’s all about creating a can do mentality, and making it all about the kids.”

The fun day kicked off with a welcome to country and smoking ceremony before more than 1000 students were rotated through “fun hubs” on the school oval.

Student Engagement Head of Department for years 11 and 12 Brett Hayes said the day was important for mental health.

“Some of the home lives for our students is not great right now with all the pressures that come with the pandemic,” Mr Hayes said.

“So we looked at what was stressing kids out, and set out to make this a safe place for them where they want to come.”

The school has grown from fewer than 500 students four years ago to 1400 this year.

Mr Hayes said the school normally had a strict uniform policy.

However, the fun day was about creativity, and doing things differently.

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