A Greenbank couple were stunned to receive a $4133 water bill from Logan City Council this quarter, despite their last bill being just $84.

Glen and Gaye Southon’s property runs primarily on a 95,000-litre water tank, so the pair were speechless when they opened a $4133 bill.

Mrs Southon told Channel 9 News they were “absolutely shocked” at the amount.

According to their last water usage reading, the couple were under the household average of 400 litres a day, but the new bill suggests their daily water usage exceeds 9500 litres.

Mr Southon who is confined to a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis said, “I don’t mind paying for charges that are genuine.”

“Initially, before the NDIS came along, we basically had to pay for everything.”

After being told they could face legal action if the payment isn’t made, the Southons reached out to Logan City Council.

In a statement, Logan City Council said they visited the property and confirmed that the water meter is working correctly, and that the reading was correct.

“Council is unable to investigate private plumbing matters beyond the water meter,” council’s statement said.

“However, we have offered some suggestions to the property owners as to possible reasons for the increased usage and recommended that they engage a private plumber.

“Council can provide assistance to customers who have increased water usage with a payment plan.”

The couple have also contacted two council representatives to help them with checks, both finding nothing.

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