Councillor Jon Raven appears to be the frontrunner in the mayoral race, according to a MyCity Logan poll.

A social media survey of more than 500 people connected with community groups in Logan found 75.71% of people would vote for Jon Raven to be mayor.

Former federal MP Brett Raguse came in second with 19.06%, and new mayoral candidate James Reid at 5.21%.

Cr Raven said he was happy with the results, but it wouldn’t sway his campaign.

“I’m just going to keep working hard right up until election day,” he said.

“While I’m stoked that 75% of those 500 people say they want to vote for me, I’m mindful that there are 200,000 voters in Logan and I’ve got to keep working to make sure they know I’m here for them, listening, and working for them.”

Mr Raguse said it came down to the old adage: “the only poll that matters is election day”.

“A poll is a poll,” he said.

“I was a researcher, I know statistics and how they work, and in the 2016 election I was running similar numbers against Luke Smith but the outcome was different because of other factors on election day.

“You can’t really base it on smaller samples in a city as diverse as Logan.”

Mr Raguse gained 19.13% of first preferences in the 2020 mayoral campaign and 31.35% in 2016.

Mr Reid contested Division 3 at the last election, and Mr Raven was declared councillor for Division 5.

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