It was recently announced that the estimated cost to ratepayers of the LCC (Logan Crime Corridor) has ballooned out to $13M and that LCC (Logan City Council) will be having an Oliver Twist moment and going to the State Government to beg for more funding.

Whatever amount they manage to squeeze out of the government it will not be enough of course.

In the current economic climate there’s no telling how high the costs of this invasion of privacy will go.

Regardless of the final cost of construction there has been no mention made of just who is going to maintain this pathway.

LCC have said they will be installing fencing, secure access for residents, screening landscaping and CCTV, all of which cost a lot of money but unless these things are regularly maintained it will just be more money down the drain.

But of course, maintenance costs money too

So, who is going to pay for maintenance. Palm Lake Resorts? Don’t think so, not on their land. The residents?

Not likely.

Which leaves LCC and another large and ongoing cost to Logan ratepayers.

If the proposed route of this hugely expensive project is diverted around PLR, an awful lot of money could be saved and we would still have a rail trail for visitors to use.

Jeffrey Ker
PLR Waterford

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