In the City of Logan we’ve always priding ourselves on sporting success stories.

We know them all too well – Cameron Smith, Steven Bradbury and our Tokyo Olympic heroes Logan Martin, Ash Moloney, Mollie O’Callaghan, Genevieve Gregson and Paralympian Natalie Smith.

Last year when our Tokyo stars did us all proud on the world-stage it was bittersweet knowing that the City of Logan had been overlooked in the Master Plan for 2032.

But while we could remain disappointed and dwell on the past there is a real opportunity to now influence the Masterplan.

The organising committee is yet to be formed and one of their first jobs will be to revisit the masterplan. In previous Games, venues were moved around even a few short years before the actual event, and this is no different. 

The City of Logan is a young city and Council has prioritised making 2032 a reality for our city. 

We are well positioned to host emerging and youth focused sports. No decision has been made on the new sports to be added to the 2032 Games and that is why we will create a roadmap to 2032.

The Queensland Government has just announced a $1.1 billion plan to speed up train services between the Gold Coast and Brisbane – the first major transport infrastructure announcement ahead of the game. 

There is no reason Logan cannot host a major event. The Olympic committee want to deliver legacy outcomes – a true legacy venue would be hosting the swimming in Logan. 

Swimming is currently proposed at the Roma Street Brisbane Live venue in a temporary pool with no legacy benefits, it’s a waste of money. 

Logan has one 50 metre pool and Brisbane has 12. If we are truly talking about legacy this is a no brainer.

We’re not out of the race yet. Like our decathlete hero and bronze medallist Ash, we’ll clear any hurdle put in our way and outlast any other runners on the track. 

We’re determined to keep fighting until we get our hands on the venue we truly deserve.


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