I’d like to thank Nicki Christensen and Mal West from Radio 101fm for this week inviting me to chat on their weekly business show.

It airs at 6pm Mondays and gives some nice guidance to people who’ve taken the plunge into the business world.

We spoke about Facebook, but it was interesting to chat about the evolution of the media business case, why modern media organisations claim they’re battling to pay the bills, why Facebook and Google are being asked to contribute, and why newspapers are making a comeback.

In the 1980s and ’90s, media organisations lived on what was called “the rivers of gold”, huge classified sections which were essentially a license to make money.

The internet took most of that away.

With revenue flow beginning to decline, there was an increased focus on the cost of journalism.

Media lives and breathes on an ability to reach an audience, so with more people gravitating to Facebook and other social media platforms, it made sense for news gatherers to follow that trend.

It’s become a big pit, which people are finding increasingly difficult to navigate.

Hence, an emerging trend back to the world of newspapers which are known to curate a snapshot of news items into the pages of a curated, paginated book. In our case, that’s weekly.

Digital communication remains important for all of us, but it’s nice to know people are putting their trust in independent news organisations such as ours.

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