Showman’s Guild president Aaron Pink believes many show ride operators will be out of business by March next year.

The fourth generation show ride operator who lives in Logan Reserve runs Pink’s Amusements, but maybe not for much longer.

“If we don’t get something happening in the near future, by March next year we’ll have probably 90 to 95 per cent of the industry without an insurance policy,” he said.

He is one of the “lucky ones” still able to operate at this year’s Ekka show before his policy runs out in December. Others are not so fortunate.

“There’s probably up to 15 of our members in Logan who are in the amusement industry, and I feel that they’re all running out as we speak,” he said.

“Individual operators fall out day by day or week by week at this stage.”

In May, news broke that insurance companies would no longer write policies for $20 million – the industry standard for liability cover.

“They have all withdrawn from the leisure industry market,” he said. “I just don’t know where to turn.”

Mr Pink said they are “no further advanced” despite numerous meetings with federal government officials.

“The government’s still deciding if they’re in a position to give us funds and how much they’d be able to give us,” he said.

Local governments are responsible for setting the requirement for a $20 million policy, but Mr Pink said they could safely operate on one worth $10 million.

“If we can reduce the requirement to have a $20 million policy down to a $10 million policy, or if they [state and federal governments] can assist us in giving us some money for us to start our own mutual fund which will secure us forever and a day,” he said.

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