How quickly do you think you can devour a pizza?

Shailer Park’s Mosaic Pizza is determined to find out, calling on speedy eaters to enter what store owner Louis Oberleuter says is the only pizza contest in Australia of its kind.

Contestants will be asked to consume a 13-inch pizza in one attempt. Rules are simple – quickest wins $500, although there are a few catches.

Paradiso – otherwise known as ham and pineapple – and pepperoni are the only two options for contestants, and the pizza must be consumed slice by slice at an allocated table.

They must drink water between each slice, and the judges’ decision is final.

The competition is in its fourth year after a lay-off due to Covid but is bouncing back over a four-week series of heats prior to the big finale on December 4.

“The Annual Mosaic Pizza Challenge became all too obvious with a nationwide void in pizza competitions,” Mr Oberleuter said.

The first heat was held on Sunday, and more heats will be at the shop every Sunday from 4pm during November.

The two quickest contestants from each eight-person heat will progress to the final. All contestants have paid up an entry fee of $10 which at worst makes for a cost-effective afternoon treat.

The final outside Mosaic Pizza on Bryants Road will be at 2pm on December 4, where the winner will be handed a plaque and prize money.

Runners up get themselves a five-pizza pack.

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