Rob Braiden hasn’t been in Beenleigh very long, but he knows more about it than most locals. The travel vlogger claims to have walked every road in Beenleigh over a period of about three months. “Literally, every street, avenue, terrace and road.” You’ll find him as WalkaboutWithRob on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Meanwhile, we chat with him about his most recent journey.

Being new to the neighbourhood, why embark on such a project?

I adore local history and knew that Beenleigh is quite an old, rather historic place so I wanted to get out there and explore and see what could be found, so I spent a fair bit of time wandering about and seeing the town and learning its history. Then I read somewhere that Australian comedian, writer and broadcaster Tony Martin was undertaking a project to walk every street in Melbourne. I just thought that was a totally cool idea to walk every street where one lives, so I decided to walk every street in Beenleigh. 

Before you started, what did you hope to get out of it?

It was really just a sense of exploration and learning. To find out what is really here, especially in terms of the past. 

Now having done it, what did you get out of it?

I was amazed at the incredible potential of Beenleigh. It sometimes gets knocked in some circles but I saw it as a place that is set to really take off and be something special. I mean, it’s half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it’s on a major rail line and highway. It feels like it has everything to take the next step to being a major centre. 

Did you meet any interesting characters along the way?

None at all actually. I think because I tended to go walking fairly early in the morning so I was able to avoid crowds and traffic. 

Favourite spot?

The views from the top of Lehmans Road are wonderful. What a beautiful spot up there, being able to see nearly the whole town.

Least favourite spot?

There’s no one spot I could cite, but I would say that I find it odd that there are so many undeveloped plots of land in the centre of town. It seems a shame that a place like Beenleigh still has these gaps in its landscape. I’d love it if Beenleigh transformed into a more vibrant, more populated place with pedestrianised malls and more shops and art and all that. 

What now for you?

For now, exploring more of Logan and south-east Queensland. My YouTube channel features my journeys around this part of the world. Later on, when our international borders reopen, I’m looking forward to travelling more overseas.

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