Rhiannon Elton is now an established author with four novels to her name. And the Crestmead wordsmith’s fantasy detective books are establishing quite a following. We speak to Rhiannon about what makes her – and her characters – tick.

Who is Rhiannon Elton – what makes her tick?
Even as someone who does a lot of regular self reflection, this question always makes me stop and think. My spiritual leader would like me to just say “I am” and be wise, but I am great at rambling, so that answer is just too short.
I’m first and foremost a story teller. I have been since I could talk. I’m a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan, a gardener, a dog and cat mum and an illustrator.
What makes me tick? Anything new and shiny, as well as discovering the secrets of human nature, connection, community and sustainability. I’m right up there when it comes to harmony and equality, and I love seeing that reflected in art and media.

What inspired you to become an author?
I often make the joke that I bleed ink because I’ve been writing ever since I could. It honestly came naturally too me because I wanted to see and feel all the bits of a story that they didn’t tell you about. I also began to see how stories were what changed people’s minds to become more compassionate, understanding and thoughtful. That inspired me to begin making the world Wolflock is part of, so it was filled with all the virtues that I believe would make the world a better place.

Can you tell us a bit about your four books you’ve written so far?
The four books I’ve written are all part of the Wolflock Cases series. In order they are:
The Case of the Captain’s Hair
The Case of Mothy
The Case of the Curse of Houl
The Case of the Bitter Draught
They’re fantasy detective novels, as if Sherlock Holmes was in Middle Earth. Wolflock is a teenage amateur sleuth trying to get to Mystentine University where he will learn how to be a professional investigator. The problem is that trouble follows him like a shadow and he’s racing the days before the frost covers his path.

Do you have a favourite character? From where do you draw energy for each of the characters?
Most people love Wolflock’s best friend, Mothy, but I honestly love Wolflock. To me he’s adorably conceited. He reminds me of one of my best friends in high school and I have an affection for him because I know what I’m about to put him through… for his own good of course.
All of my characters are drawn from a mix of people I’ve met, cultural aspects I love, animals who have been like family, and sometimes even dreams. Inspiration can come from so many places. It’s like every experience gives me a little more ink to write the picture you see.

How do you come up with this remarkable fantasy land which drives each of the books?
The land Wolflock is in is called Puinteyle (Pew-in-tee-lye). I was really depressed and severely bullied in high school, so I started to withdraw to a place that was filled with people who were kind, caring and helpful. Bit by bit the land came together and I realised at seventeen that I had a love of the mythology and folklore of all different nations, and I wanted to give that representation. I grew up loving Egyptian, Greek, Aboriginal and Celtic mythology, then when I studied acupuncture I fell in love with Chinese, Japanese and Korean mythology and that lead me to love the culture too.
Writing for me feels more like I’m looking into a crystal ball and watching things move and develop.

Who is your audience, and how are you connecting with them?
My audience is for readers of age 10+. I’ve had young high school kids love my stories, as well as women and men over fifty. They’re for the young at heart who need a lovely escape into a new world of magic and mystery.
I’m across the board on social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Youtube,  Tumblr, everything. The best place to get in contact with me though, is my email.

What do you hope to do next – 10 books in the current series, and 15 all up?
My aim is to finish the first season of ten books and turn them into a box set before I move on to the second season. Each season will be Wolflock solving mysteries and exploring a new land with new folklore, magic and mysteries. Wolflock may be rude to people who are ignorant, but he, like me, loves to learn, especially when it is new cultures. You could even say new and shiny things are what makes Wolflock tick.
After we finish the first season I’ll be working on all sorts of community and creative projects. You’ll just have to keep me bookmarked and see what comes through next.

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