Our school principals, teachers and their administration staff play a crucial role in the lives of our kids. 

I had the pleasure of speaking in parliament about the vital role these leaders play in our community.

However, I have come to learn firsthand, after meeting with many school leaders in my electorate, the level of abuse our teachers cop, not only from students, but parents, and really enough is enough.

We need to be realistic – we have issues attracting educators to the teaching profession. Worryingly, figures released show that 21% more students will commence school in 2030 so we need these people. 

On top of those figures, a study from Monash Uni involving 2500 educators found that only 41% intended to remain in the profession long term. This was due to the workload, burnout and the low esteem in which their jobs were held, which is a shame for those who dedicate their lives to education.

Every single person reading this today would have someone in education to thank for the value of their own schooling. And that is why I feel that we owe all of our Principals, Teachers and their Administration Staff from across the City of Logan and Northern Gold Coast a great debt of gratitude.

So, I would like to say thank-you to the principals at our schools, thank-you to the teachers and thank-you to the administration staff for the genuine passion they have for their jobs. Thank-you for turning up, thank-you for inspiring our children and thank-you for continuing to deliver world-class education.

There are now over forty schools in the Forde Electorate, and it is always great to visit those schools to see the positive impact that our teachers and the administration staff are having on their students.

Our teachers are truly dedicated to giving our children the opportunity to learn and grow. They are role models for generations, and I want to thank them for their ongoing commitment to education.

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