I must confess I was nervous, if not a little uneasy, about launching into the all-you-can-eat offerings at Kaikai Chicken which has been open only a couple of months at Watland St, Springwood.

With a menu of little more than loaded fries and deep fried chicken, the welfare of my heart had become my primary consideration.

There would be nothing worse than an evening gnawing away at tiny chicken wings, dripping in fat. That’s the type of thing they put on bar menus to keep punters ordering beer.

Nevertheless, it’s part of the job description to try everything.

And I’ve survived the experience with no regrets.

For $24.90, it’s a bottomless affair. With six different types of dirty fries on offer, and 12 flavours of chicken, it’s pointless going in with the belief you’ll be able to get a taste of everything.

It’s just not that type of buffet.

Instead, pick the eyes out of the menu. Go for what you like, and it will be a great experience.

“Oh, but they’re only chicken wings. You get them for 50 cents at the local chain restaurant every Monday night,” I hear you say.

There’s quite simply no comparison. The wings of a size 8 chicken don’t size up against those of a size 16 chook.

And I’ve indulged in some of those cheap wings before, only to find the centre still frozen after they’d emerged from the microwave.

Rest assured, you won’t have that problem here. First, they wings have never – we’re told – been in a freezer. And secondly, they’re individually hand-coated to ensure the flavour is fresh.

It shows. Despite the wings being large, there’s no dripping fat to be seen – just a light seasoning which offers up a light crunch. Even though they’ve been fried, it’s almost like they’ve come from the oven. They’re delicious.

There’s quite an Asian influence in the flavours. The star of the show is a Yangnyum Korean chilli sauce, which is a street food favourite in Seoul or Busan.

The buffalo sauce is also of Korean influence which gives it a bit more spice, and from Japan there’s a Goroumaru with fish flakes – quite a strong flavour – and soy wasabi, or black dragon which is a sweet soy vinegar mix.

Nacho cheese and bacon is about as heavy as things get, but my favourite was a lightly crispy zesty lemon seasoning.

When I say there were no regrets, not until I tried to stuff one more cinnamon jelly doughnut sandwich into the mix. Well, nobody’s perfect.

Service here is friendly and helpful, the decor clean and well thought out, and there’s a choice of bottomless iced tea, or soft drink package.

The licensed bar has plenty of cocktail options, and a variety of Soju flavours.

It’s a fun night out.



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