Logan City Council has put aside $40,000 in the coming year to help beautify the facades of some of the city’s ageing buildings.

A council spokesperson said the goal of the program was to focus on boutique food and beverage offerings in local neighbourhood centres.

A further $50,000 has been put aside for the following financial year.

Money would be made available to owners of buildings in CBD localities through a merit-based assessment, with a steering group making the call on which applications get the green light.

Other councils, kicked off by Brisbane City Council, have offered facade improvement funding to building owners as an incentive to beautify the city.

In Brisbane, the facade program was to improve suburban shopfronts.

“The purpose of the suburban shopfront improvement grant program is to encourage property owners and tenants to refresh the facade of their shops to create interest, generate customers and contribute to the character of local business areas in Brisbane,” a statement promoting the Brisbane program said.

Other cities, including Ipswich and Rockhampton, offered similar programs to upgrade areas of their cities which were starting to look rundown.

In those instances, it was a city rejuvenation program.

The spokesperson for the City of Logan said council would pay half the facade improvement, while the grant recipient – whether it be the building owner or tenant – would also be required to pay half.

That’s similar to programs in other cities.

“The total funding available per application will be subject to a criteria and the steering group’s assessment,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, architects for new buildings in Logan, such as the York building in Beenleigh and the new car park at Logan Hospital, have adopted murals as a way of making otherwise concrete jungles a talking point.

The hospital has taken it a step further by adding a tree sculpture to two sides of the car park building.

“People sure are talking about it,” a spokesperson for the hospital said. “It’s a great piece of work.”

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