Let’s take this opportunity to talk about the humble parmy, chicken parmigiana if we’re to formalise the conversation.

The pub staple will win plenty of crowd support. But we need to be fair about all this and understand that there is such a thing as a bad parmy.

Frozen crumbed chook with a sloppy bottled sauce, slice of packaged ham and grated cheddar passes for a parmy in many a pub.

Some will up the ante with various takes on the recipe – add chilli and it’s Mexican, add avo and it takes on another twist, and bacon to become an Aussie.

But the real nuance of a great parmy is the blend of textures and flavours.

Which takes us to Beenleigh RSL at Mount Warren Park where the kitchen has been offering up a parmy special, topped with garlic sauce, cabanossi and sundried tomatoes.

The cheese melts below the peaks of the tomatoes which grill to a crunchy crisp. The garlic sauce gives the chicken a flavour akin to a kiev and the cabanossi develops life well beyond its normal home aboard a Jatz biscuit at a barbecue.

A good parmy is satisfying, but I can’t recall – not from the top of my head – ever having eaten a better one.

Take a bow, Beenleigh RSL chefs. You’ve nailed the art of the parmy.

Chips were okay, salad had a tasty dressing. But a dry piece of lettuce wouldn’t have detracted from the parmy perfection.

Don’t like parmy? Try the steak, or the sticky pork belly salad – if you really have to.

There’s a cabinet of old-fashioned desserts in the bistro which will tempt anyone with room for a little sweet.

The $3 pavlova is one option.

Couple all this with a view of the golf course, happy staff, good value and some Friday evening entertainment and you’ve got yourself a good old-fashioned dose of country-style hospitality.

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