There are subtle differences between going out to dinner, sitting down for dinner, and grabbing dinner.

Okay, they seem the same. Allow me to explain.

I see going out to dinner as the full experience – being shown to your table, having the menu explained, perhaps a specials board brought to your table, time between meals to have a casual drink and a chat.

I see sitting down for dinner as being somewhere with a table – perhaps ordering at the counter, meals come as quickly as they’re prepared, chat while you wait. Still fun, but no frills.

I see grabbing dinner as takeaway, or sitting in the corner of a kebab shop wolfing down a doner.

Jimboomba House at Hills Golf Course is the full experience, complete with great service, specials board and good value in a relaxed setting.

Some of the entrees are big enough to be a small meal on their own.

Duck pancakes from the specials board were made with duck meat and unlike most Chinese restaurants, come ready-packed on the plate. Less mess that way.

Looking around other tables, swaying to tunes of Sade in the background, pork belly skewers are a favourite, covered in an orange hoi sin glaze.

Scallops wrapped in salmon and bacon are an attractive choice, perched on top of a sundried tomato pancake. It’s just some of the creativity which allows visitors here to try something a bit more adventurous.

Beef cheek curry was melt-in-your-mouth stuff, but also from the specials menu and ordered specifically for a chilly winter night.

The regular menu features a rib eye, but chefs can often be judged with what they can do with a chicken breast. Here, it comes with vegetarian filo parcels, crushed chat potatoes, fresh avocado and prosciutto crumble and a sweet wholegrain honey mustard sauce.

The menu has a nice mix, with a hint of Asian influence in dishes such as the citrus snapper fillet, or the stuffed fish which comes with a laksa sauce.

If you’re feeling hungry, the twice cooked pork belly with crackling and a maple and apple glaze with croquettes might be the option.

There are about half a dozen desserts to choose from, and the drinks menu comes from a full bar.

Service is the key to a great experience, and the staff have been well-trained. Even with masks, it’s obvious they’re there to help guests enjoy their night.

There are heaters on the deck and a fireplace inside for winter nights.

And all you’ll hear is the soft rock in the background and the chatter of surrounding tables – no traffic noise.

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