LOGAN City Council is embarking on a five-week lobbying campaign in an effort to convince federal candidates to adopt a wishlist workshopped by the city’s advocacy team.

Over coming weeks, council is planning to highlight issues it feels are impacting the city, and which are worthy of investment, sold under the slogan “Stand up for Logan”.

Digital infrastructure and connectivity is the first.

Telecommunications is one issue council says is out of its hands, clearly the responsibility of federal authorities.

“People have been working from home more than ever. In order to thrive, businesses and the community need high-speed internet,” deputy mayor Jon Raven said.

“Council has a business case that identifies what digital infrastructure is needed to bring us up to speed.

“Now we need our Federal counterparts and the telcos to deliver those solutions as our population approaches half a million people.

“We want more fibre cables in the ground and better mobile and wireless technology to fix today’s issues and look ahead to tomorrow’s opportunities.”

Cr Raven, who is this week in the mayor’s seat, said digital infrastructure is important not only for a modern economy but also for community connectivity.

“In this day and age, no one should have to walk to the end of a driveway or drive up the nearest hill to get reception,” he said.

“Our businesses are also stepping into the global economy but can’t achieve their potential if technology lets them down.”

Cr Raven said the city’s rapidly growing population demanded the timely delivery of important projects to ensure liveability, economic growth and sustainability.

Cr Raven said election candidates should be willing to stand up for Logan.

The City of Logan Digital Infrastructure Assessment and Business Case was developed with the support of the Queensland Government.

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