After 30 years of making memories and rearing children, Maria and David Cosic are saying goodbye to their dream home in Mundoolun.

Maria and David Cosic bought the 29ha property, 148 Flagstone Creek Road, in 1994 and built their home on it shortly afterwards.

There, they raised their two children who are now adults.

But being in their 70s, the Cosic’s are looking to downsize.

“We built the house, we built the six dams, we did the roads, we did everything,” Ms Cosic said.

“All the other blocks have been cut down into smaller blocks – we’re one of the biggest blocks in the area.

“We’ve absolutely loved it here, but we’re getting old, and we can’t look after it.”

She said she wanted another family to “enjoy the privacy and seclusion”.

“You’re in the middle of a very peaceful area, but near everything, which is excellent,” she said.

“It’s different from every other property here because the land is not flat.”

Among her favourite aspects of the property is the wildlife.

“We have kangaroos jump up to our bedroom door,” Ms Cosic said.

“We have a fence around the house, but we leave the gate open, and in the morning they’re around the house and they look in at you – they’re so funny.”

She said the property was perfect for some seeking lots of land for business purposes, or just for fun.

“Someone who wants the privacy and land, or a business owner, or motorbikes.

“It’s perfect for horses, trail bikes, or motorbikes,” she said.

“We have put so much love into this property, and we’ve enjoyed it.”

The home itself boasts five bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a self-contained granny flat.

“The house sits up on the hill so it can never be flooded,” Ms Cosic said.

“It’s a really stable, solid home with nine-foot ceilings – it’s beautiful.

“There’s a jacuzzi in the bathroom, and right now we’ve got a fireplace going 24/7 because there’s plenty of timber.

“In summer, because we have a three-side veranda, so it’s fully shaded.”

Ms Cosic said the neighbourhood was a “kind” one.

“The Christmas tornado went through our property, and we had a few trees fall down, but the buildings were untouched… and we had neighbours bring food over and we were helping each other out,” she said.

“They put a bitumen road to our gate five years ago, I never expected council to do that, so I have to thank them for that.”

She said the property fared well in extreme weather conditions, with underground power that can survive heavy storms.

“… and you can never run out of water here – one of the dams is 12 metres deep,” she said.

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