Locan City Council is asking plenty of questions. It’s now up to us to help answer them.

A number of surveys are asking for opinions from the people – the latest two are a survey looking to shape “the future of the city”, and another asking what people think of the council’s services, facilities and customer service.

The “Logan Listens” campaign will be done over the phone, speaking to 800 residents about services and facilities, and another 800 about customer services.

There will also be an online version for people with a burning urge to say what they think: https://haveyoursaylogan.com.au/logan-listens

The other survey is a Community Visioning process which will take 10 months.

It has a significant impact on how the city’s planners manage city development from 2022 until 2027.

Mayor Darren Power said: “It is vital to ensure your voice is heard and your ideas captured so Council’s plans for Logan represent what is important to our community.

“It is important we understand what you value and your aspirations for the future.”

This survey is here: /haveyoursaylogan.com.au/

Community engagement will also be done by Councillors, on social media and digital channels, at selected venues and through community partners.

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  1. Kathy Faldt

    IS this an attempt to ‘develop’ a community plan?
    Government legislation puts a city’s community plan above the corporate plan which gives legitimacy to decisions being made by councillors.
    However when decisions are made by officers as for the code accessible 24/7 Macca’s at Logan Village who are they accountable to?
    Crematorium at Bethania was another example.


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