Renowned vocal coach Mindy Pack, who has trained stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake, is coming to Logan.

She said even the biggest, most talented singers need coaches.

“Why does a football team need a coach? Why does a rugby team need the coach? They’re helping call the shots and making sure everything stays in balance in a healthy way,” Ms Pack said.

“There’s a correlation between physical athlete and vocal athlete, because they’re using their bodies and muscles.

“I’m out there making sure everything is being executed correctly so that the artist can maintain the tour, because recording a song is very different to a two-and-a-half-hour performance.”

Ms Pack’s clients have appeared on national Broadway tours, the Grammy’s, BET Awards, Saturday Night Live, and international award shows.

She said to become a vocal coach and train stars of such a high calibre required a lot of education and research.

“I was a performer myself for a long time and then I found a love in coaching and through education I dove into the different modalities and styles of singing,” she said.

“I really went into the mental health side of singing, and how emotion, stress and anxiety can have a play on the voice.

“I went to massage therapy school because the whole body is connected to the voice.

“And I studied with a leading voice scientist by the name of Ingo Titze who has done a lot of the voice research of the last 30 years.”

Ms Pack studied at the University of Utah and co-founded a voice education project, the SVARA Project, with laryngologist Reena Gupta.

She is bringing the program to Logan in August this year to teach local performers.

After that she will be judging a local singing competition.

The last competition I judged in Logan, people submitted songs that the artists I work with sing, so it was full circle,” Ms Pack said.

“I was surprised by how good the submissions were.

“There were some really great singers, and it has made me really excited to come to Australia and see it.”

The Rise Up Junior competition for singers aged 12-17 is on this August.

Applications close at 5pm on 12 July.

Visit to apply.

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