Bradley Hindle was one of the world’s top 100 squash players. Now, he’s the man at the heart of Logan’s squash scene revival. 

If you drove past the Daisy Hill Squash and Racquet Club when Brad got the call asking him to take over it just three years ago, derelict and showing signs of decay, you’d think only a fool would accept. 

But seasoned squash club owner Brad wasn’t deterred. Seeing its potential and with a vision to bring squash to the masses, he rolled up his sleeves and got to work.

“I’ve always believed Logan City is in what we call the Golden Diamond, with Brisbane Gold Coast, Ipswich, and we’re nestled right in the middle there. And this is just off the highway in Daisy Hill, so I knew the potential was gonna be huge,” Hindle said. 

“I just know it needed fresh energy in; it needed to be attractive for all demographics and family types to come in. People wanna be active and play sport. We just want to give them a reason to do it.” 

Flash forward to today and what once was a modest club of 40 members is now home to a bustling community of over 500 Logan residents passionate about squash, even crowned ‘2019 Squash Australia Club of the Year.’ 

Brad credits the club’s success to the additions and programs he’s introduced to make it accessible to more people. 

“We’ve taken a new aspect, we’ve taken different elements to it, so we have people playing chess here, we have a sports café where they come and talk about sports, and we have Brazilian Jujitsu for kids,” Hindle said. 

With a champion at its helm, it’s no surprise a number of their programs participants are on track to becoming national champions themselves. Brad says the club’s popular junior program has produced multiple squash stars.

“When I started, we had five juniors, now we’re hitting 60 juniors, and we’ve got 4 national champions. We’ve had kids now just have been selected for commonwealth games,” Hindle said.  

Despite the massive growth the club has seen under his ownership, Brad says he is always trying to hit the ball higher and is confident he can reach the heights, with a lack of understanding for the game being the biggest obstacle. 

“I haven’t reached where I want to get to yet, but my progression I’m very happy with.

But that’s my system to always want to improve and be better and better,” Hindle said. 

“We started with 40 members, we are up to 550 now, and there’s no reason we can’t reach 1500 members in the next two years.”  

“Once someone plays their first rally, they’re hooked. I just wait for that first rally, and their eye says it all, they’ll look it up and say that’s what it is, and they are back the next day.”

Kids can learn to play squash at the club from 4-5:30 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and adult classes are available at 10 am on Thursdays as well.

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