There’s much to be proud of here in Logan, especially the Energising Queensland initiative that helps our local State Emergency Services perform their best.

If you’re a Logan local you know how to celebrate the good times and achievements, but also look out for one another and extend a helping hand when needed.

And we are home to community groups who are working every day to make our community even better.

But one of our greatest strengths are our first responders, the emergency services crews we know we can rely on when needed most.

And while they don’t have red and blue lights and sirens on their trucks and cranes, I’d count other local Energex crews among them.

When the weather turns wild – and it so often does, and is tipped to again this summer – we know they will be out getting the power back on as soon and as safely as they can.

Often standing shoulder to shoulder with them is an orange army – our local volunteer SES members.

They are a dedicated group who have been recognised as part of a special initiative with the three publicly-owned energy companies – Ergon, Energex and Powerlink – continuing their concrete support for our SES volunteers.

The special event was Logan’s part of what has become an annual equipment donation, that has now topped $1 million.

The equipment ranges from defibrillators to stretchers, emergency scene lighting to chainsaws and is vital to SES operations in the field.

As anyone who has been caught in a disaster will tell you, emergency crews do far more than rescue people from flood waters, tarp roofs and conduct searches or help us restore power.

They and our other Logan community groups give us hope, inspire us to keep going, and really make a difference.

With summer already here and with it storms and wild weather in the way, now is the time to say a big thank you to the SES, and their families, for everything they do for all of us.

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