As our students return to the classroom for Term 3, I thought I’d use my column this week to speak about a great initiative currently being delivered by NBN Co.

The School Student Broadband Initiative aims to provide 30,000 Australian Families who have no internet at home, with free broadband for an entire year.

Given the cost-of-living pressures impacting so many families right now, NBN Co wanted to make the internet as assessable as possible for school aged children.

To be eligible, you must have a child living at home that is enrolled in an Australian School, have no active NBN and you must be referred by my office…

Many providers have committed to providing free NBN Services to families under the School Student Broadband Initiative, including Aussie Broadband, Belong, Lemonade Broadband, Sky Mesh and Vodafone (through provider TPG).

The School Student Broadband Initiative will provide 50 megabits per second fixed-line services, Fixed-Wireless Plus and Sky Muster Plus services, depending on where your family lives, with large or unlimited data quotas available to you.

Free services under this initiative commenced in Term One this year, and one-year of free service begins from the day the service is activated for each family.

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