Manisha Nair and her partner Brendan McGrillen are just one of a growing number of Victorians migrating to Logan.

Ms Nair, a registered nurse from Craigieburn in Melbourne, is currently building a home at Flagstone where her parents live.

“I was a single mum, so my parents have been integral in helping me to bring up and care for my son,” she said.

“We’re a really close family and my son is the only grandchild so the decision to move was not a difficult one.

“I’ve spent all of my adult life living in Melbourne, and will be sad to leave, but being close to family is important.

Ms Nair said her brother and extended family also live in Queensland, but admitted it was a difficult climate to build in.

“We really did our research and spoke to a lot of builders,” she said.

“In the current climate and with interest rates what they are right now, we wanted to make sure we were making the best decision locking in a mortgage for the next 30 years.”

Data from Burbank Homes, the company building Ms Nair’s home, shows 15 per cent of its new home sales in Queensland are from customers in Victoria and New South Wales “looking to relocate for lifestyle benefits and warmer weather”.

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates, which MyCity Logan reported last month, found Logan was the fastest growing city in Queensland.

Logan’s most recent estimated growth rate was 4.1 per cent since 2022 – jumping from 363,059 to 377,773.

At the time, mayor Jon Raven said growth was good for the city, “provided it was well managed”.

“It brings new opportunities, investment and employment to our city,” he said.

“Infrastructure always lags behind growth; we need to do better long-term planning to reduce that lag and get better value for money.

“Our community is experiencing the pressure of that growth; you can see it on our major roads every day.”

Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed Melbourne and Sydney suffered the biggest internal migration losses last financial year, with 6678 people moving out of Melbourne and 38,425 from Sydney.

Meanwhile, 15,332 people moved to Queensland.

Burbank Homes national general manager of sales, Anthony Garrubba said this migration trend had continued “well beyond” the COVID pandemic, and
more people were making conscious decisions to “improve their lifestyles and wellbeing in the warmer climate”.

“Burbank has seen a significant and ongoing influx of inquiries from people living in Victoria seeking a move to Queensland,” Mr Garrubba said.

“Around one in seven Burbank sales in Queensland are coming from customers who are currently living interstate.”


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