I read your article in MyCity Logan (December 14-20) paper and it is incorrect, biased and misleading.

“Mexican standoff” – that’s the first I’ve heard it called that.

Due to finish in April and they are working at night, can you imagine the noise?

My family has lived in the sleepy estate of Bethania for 40 years.

I feel that these works – three traffic lights, yes three traffic lights, at each intersection – will do nothing but cause frustration, having to wait at the lights when there’s no traffic, not mention angst and p***ing people off.

It will without a doubt create more traffic congestion, and turn the free-flowing traffic into a car park.

As far as the residents knowing about these works, we only found out about it a week ago from the letter box drop.

Speaking with friends, family and neighbours, they too only heard about it the other day and basically said they too weren’t impressed by this decision without consultation.

So, as far as locals wanting the upgrade, it isn’t true at all. In fact, is untrue and misleading and three people’s opinions are not a consensus.

So in saying this, most locals aren’t that happy about these works going ahead. They’re not impressed they weren’t consulted or notified. It seems to be a forced works.

Considering Bethania is not a thorough fare or a short cut to anywhere, it never really gets overly busy, school times busy mainly but that’s to be expected.

In final, the locals of Bethania would like a re-vote or vote in general as we never got to vote or oppose the project in the first place.

Timothy McNiven,

via email.

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