I’m hoping your local paper maybe able to put me in contact with motorists who travel by car each day along Chambers Flat Road and carry on along Kenny Rd, going to Anzac Avenue and on to Tamborine-Waterford Road.

You might ask why?

Because I believe some of you might have been booked by police, fined and also maybe lost some points on your license.

My opinion is you were not breaking the speed limit.

So I hope to find some of you and people who know someone who has been booked to tell you how I see the reason you were booked wrongly.

I’ve checked out the problem with other people more in the know than myself and I was pleased to hear them listen to the problem I was pointing out to them.

Hence, I was told to find some motorists to see if they were right or wrong in booking you.

I give you permission to print my phone number as I am not able to do it on the gadgets the phones do today, so the phone to get me on is 0418 722 554.

If I’m right on this matter, you may be compensated, so phone me and let’s talk about the above.

Always former alderman (Logan City Council)

Bob Lye,

Chambers Flat.

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