Logan pharmacists have been “hit hard” by people claiming free flu shots.

On Monday, the state government made influenza shots “free for everyone”, but pharmacists say they were not given any warning. 

Logan City pharmacist Joshua Luck said he had been “inundated” with bookings following a slow period, as the Pharmacy Guild had not given them prior warning. 

“Essentially we are getting bookings from three different platforms because we have a normal booking system and then they book you in through the government ones or the guild ones,” he said. 

“There was no time to organise extra staff, we’ve got shortages with people away with Covid already and we didn’t have vaccines prepared with the huge increase in the number of vaccines.

“Obviously the guild would have known about this for quite some time. 

“We found out when everyone else found out on the news; I found out from a customer who called in to try and book in so we had no notice.”

Despite the challenges, Mr Luck said “essentially everyone” in Logan should be getting the flu jab. 

“The more vulnerable obviously need to be prioritised; so people with compromised immunities, diabetes that sort of thing,” he said.

“But this is protecting the rest of Queensland.”

The state government announced free flu jabs would be available to people aged 6-64 from GPs and pharmacies until June 30. 

This comes after vaccine rates had been reported lower than pre-pandemic levels in Logan and as influenza case numbers continue to climb faster and earlier than expected.

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