More than 10,000 Logan residents are receiving support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), according to the latest official data, an uptick of 1500 participants in less than a year.

In the last Census, 22,933 Logan residents reported needing help in their day to day lives due to a disability.

Additionally, over 32,000 identified as carers providing unpaid assistance to a person with a disability.

The NDIS, established in 2o13, aims provide those with a disability, their families and carers with the support they need to “improve their quality of life”.

In Queensland the scheme is jointly governed and funded by the state and federal governments.

The most common disability in Logan supported by NDIS is autism, with almost 4000 locals registered.

The scheme covers a broad variety of disabilities, ranging from cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis to down syndrome, hearing impairment and intellectual disabilities.

The largest age group receiving support in Logan is children aged between seven and 14, making up 3000 participants.

The smallest age group is those aged 65 and over, with only 300 participants.

The NDIS focuses on early intervention, with research suggesting getting early support can “reduce the impact of disability on you or your child”.

NDIS also aims to connect those with a disability to services in their community, including connections to doctors, community groups, sporting clubs, support groups, libraries and schools.

To be eligible for NDIS, you will need evidence that:
• your disability is caused by an impairment
• your impairment is likely to be permanent
• your permanent impairment substantially reduces your functional capacity
• your permanent impairment affects your ability to work, study or take part in social life
• you’ll likely need support from the NDIS for your whole life.


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