In last week’s column, I spoke about Logan City council being accredited through the Welcoming Cities program for our efforts in building social cohesion across the City of Logan.

It’s timely then to write this week about Queensland Disability Action Week (November 25 to December 2) and International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3), which is observed by the United Nations.

The theme for this year’s Disability Action Week is ‘Access ignites: it’s good for business’.

This focuses on recruiting and retaining staff with disability and taking steps to be accessible for customers also living with disability.

As a council, we encourage businesses around the city to consider doing whatever they can to become more accessible, whether through improved physical spaces or the services provided.

More than 22,000 people in the City of Logan need daily assistance with core activities due to a severe or profound disability and more than 31,000 people provide unpaid help to someone with disability, Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows.

Council’s Disability Action Plan 2023-2025 was endorsed earlier this year and contains more than 100 actions to be undertaken over the next two years.

It builds on our previous Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2022, which achieved 83 out of the 84 planned actions, and an additional 11 actions.

Our vision is to create a city that continues to be inclusive, accessible and welcoming for people of all abilities.

Council employees recently helped some students from Logan City Special School access a weekly work experience program through a social enterprise.

Jigsaw is an Australian organisation that trains and transitions people with disability into award wage employment.

Our local students attended training sessions and got hands-on experience over two months and were encouraged to think about career options when their school days are completed.

Council has a proud track record in promoting inclusivity and accessibility – for instance, our website has a gold standard rating for its plain language content.

But everyone can, and should, play a part.

If you own a business, consider how you could employ someone living with disability to benefit them and our wider community.

To learn more about employment options for people with disability, go to

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