The increasing number of emails from community groups and events organisers is one of the surest signs that our communities are resuming to some sort of normality after Covid-19.

But the emails usually come with a postscript. Groups are telling us it is exciting that they can again hold events and engage their membership in all types of activities.

But they’re saying that it’s a slow road back. Just because they’re again bringing communities together, it doesn’t mean that the same people who were engaged before the pandemic are returning.

To the contrary, they’re saying membership dipped so severely during the pandemic that they’re struggling to get back on their feet.

People, particularly the elderly, remain fearful of resuming a lifestyle they enjoyed before Covid.

That said, Covid seems to have sparked an interest in community activities among a group that once didn’t feel the urge to get out and about.

When you see a callout from neighbourhood watch groups, clubs, organisations and others to be part of your community, give it a go.

Many are finding it rewarding. Some are trying different types of activity. Others are attending their first cent sale.

Whatever the case, there are signs that the pandemic has given us an itch to be involved with our fellow man, and that’s not such a bad thing.

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