I’ve made lots of decisions – big and small – during my 27 years in local government.

Last weekend, I announced one more decision that was more personal in nature – and definitely one of the hardest to make.

I’m going to retire in March 2024 when the next council elections are held.

After four years as Mayor and more than two decades as a divisional councillor, I’m very proud of what I have achieved, and I’d like to think I have helped shape our great city.

I also know that the future of Logan is very much in the hands of our residents and the next council you will elect.

I intend to serve the full term as there is still much to be done over the next five months, and I can guarantee I will still be giving 100 per cent while I’m in office.

I’m a big believer that residents should be engaged in what’s happening in their local community.

Part of being a responsible citizen is knowing what’s happening in your city, and mainstream media still has a place in delivering that information.

You’re not going to find out what’s happening in the world by looking at social media – there’s more to life than that.

The council and new mayor you elect in March will have some solid challenges ahead.

Given the times we are now in, my advice is that they think very carefully about every dollar they spend.

The decisions they make over the next four years will affect everyday life not just today, tomorrow or the year after, but in 10, 20 and even 50 years’ time.

We talk about population growth and development all the time – and for good reason.

It’s unfortunate that the Queensland Government continues to cap the infrastructure charges levied to developers because those levies do not cover the ever-increasing costs for Council to deliver essential infrastructure like roads, water, libraries, community centres and sports fields.

Elected members have to find a balance between overcommitting our limited financial resources and making sure our suburbs and residents, existing and new, have what they need at the right time.

That’s been a constant driver in my councillor career.

It’s why I’m really proud that I was part of the team that delivered important community facilities including the Hyperdome Library, Shailer Pioneer Park and Cornubia Park Indoor Sports Centre.

We also preserved some of the most significant environmental corridors in the city including Cornubia Forest Park, Carbrook Wetlands and Cornubia Wetlands.

I’m also proud that we secured a major indoor sports centre in Logan Central as a legacy of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games and our successful advocacy, which included me going to Canberra to talk to Ministers, stopped Inland Rail’s double-stacked carriages coming through the city.

I’ve been fortunate to stay in local government this long and to leave on my terms. In announcing my retirement, I’d like to thank all the amazing and loyal colleagues and staff I have worked with at Council, currently and over the years.

I don’t exactly know what I’ll do once my mayoral duties are over, but I’m looking forward to spending more time with my wife and family.

They have been behind me the whole way and I wouldn’t have been so successful without them.

I can leave confident in knowing that the many decisions and arguments I put forward over the years have stood the test of time. I’m happy because they were all made with the intention of what was best for the city.

Thank you Logan.

It has been my privilege to serve you.


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