Choice Dental Browns Plains is a leading dental practice in Browns Plains and the wider Logan area. 

We are a passionate team of four dentists and two oral health therapists who pride ourselves with delivering expert children’s dental care which includes Invisalign and braces. 

This month, we are on a mission to promote the benefits of keeping baby teeth healthy so that they fall out naturally, rather than needing an early extraction.  

So why is keeping baby teeth healthy so important?

Healthy baby teeth allow children to properly chew their food for ideal digestion. 

In addition, healthy baby teeth serve a more important purpose that is often overlooked.  That is, healthy baby teeth act as natural homing beacons so that the future adult teeth can grow into their intended straight positions. 

In an ideal scenario, each baby tooth naturally sheds away at the appropriate time and the matching adult tooth replaces the baby tooth perfectly in the same spot.  In this way, the adult tooth ends up straight and the smile appears beautiful.   

What happens if the baby tooth is severely decayed and needs to be extracted?

It is not uncommon for us to see baby teeth become decayed, infected and be the cause of serious facial pain.  While we always try to repair the baby tooth, there are some situations where the damage is so severe that repairing the tooth is just not possible. 

This leads to no other option but for the baby tooth to be extracted early.  The problem with extraction is that the future adult tooth has just lost its homing beacon, and therefore likely that the adult tooth will come up crooked and in the wrong position. 

There is now a higher chance of needing braces or Invisalign when the child is older to correct the crooked teeth appearance.  

How do I prevent these problems from occurring?

The best way to avoid a mouth full of crooked teeth is to look after each baby tooth so it is kept healthy enough to fall out naturally. 

This means brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and limiting how often the child eats high sugar foods like lollies and soft drinks.  It is also highly recommended to see a dentist every 6 months so that any decay that does appear is detected early. 

Early and even moderate sized decays don’t hurt – only massive decays hurt.  Therefore, it is best to detect and treat decay before pain is felt. 

Usually if a tooth is painful, it is already nearly too late.  Early decays can be treated with simple fillings, which ensures the baby tooth can be kept healthy and functional until it falls out naturally at the appropriate age, thus ensuring the adult tooth comes up straight and in the correct spot.

Dr Charlie Sung, Principal Dentist 

Choice Dental – Browns Plains


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